What Type of Lift Should I Get After 16 Year Old Breast Implants?

I had a BA 16 years ago, before having children. I had 300 cc saline under the muscle. The scar is below the breast. As you can see, I have some sagging issues. I would like to have the implants replaced with silicone and at the same time a lift. I would like the size to stay roughly the same with more upper fullness/ cleavage if possible. What type of lift/incision would you suggest? Thanks.

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Breast Lift Type?

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Thank you for the question and picture.

Unfortunately, without direct examination or viewing side pictures,  I am not able to give you precise advice. Please make sure you consult with well experienced board certified plastic surgeons.

Best wishes.

What type of lift should I have during implant replacement?

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It is difficult to say for sure without examining you and measuring where the nipple is and how much overhang you have in relation to the inframammary fold.  It appears that if you go up a bit in size when you exchange your saline implants for silicone gel implants, you may only need a periareolar lift.  However, if measurements indicate that the degree of lift and nipple elevation you need is greater than that which the periareolar lift can provide (without causing worse scars and flattening contour beneath the areola), then a vertical scar would be need to be added to give you a good result.  Remember, avoiding scars at the cost of an unsatisfactory shape is never a good trade off.

There are several different types of breast lift (Mastopexy) procedures.

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There are several different types of mastopexy that use different incisions on the breast. In general, the more the breast sags the more incisions are required to give the best breast shape. Since you have an incision under the breast this can be combined with the other incisions required for your lift. Exchanging the implant can be done if you want. The pocket for the implant can be altered internally to provide more upper pole fullness and cleavage. The uplift itself will also improve these areas.

What type of lift?

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Although it is difficult to tell from just a picture what to recommend it does appear that you would need a lift. The type of lift really depends more on the surgeons experience and familiarity with a particular technique. I think you could obtain a very nice result with a vertical scar lift "lolly pop" incision. I have performed many of these type of lifts in similar situations and have obtained nice results. More upper fullness and cleavage can be obtained by adjusting the capsule that surrounds the implant.


Mark A. Jabor, MD
El Paso Plastic Surgeon

Type of breast lift

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Switching to gel implants and doing a breast lift should give you an excellent result. You neen a circumvertical lift. Since you already have a horizontal scar in the inframammary crease you will have an inverted T scar pattern which allows for the best skin addjustment.

Ernest D. Cronin, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Type of Breast Lift after 16 year old implants

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All breast do sag to some degree as we age.  If your desire is to have greater upper pole fullness you will probably need a larger implant or greater projecting style of implant. What kind of lift you need, depends on the position of your nipples. In your picture, your arms are raised and all nipples move up when we raise our arms. But this is key to deciding the type of breast lift (Mastopexy). The more lift needed, generally the more scars will result. Don't be afraid of scars, they are needed to get the right result.We begin a scar care program after surgery to improve the scar's appearance. You need a consultation to find out what is best for you.

The need for breast lifting after many years following breast augmentation

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Breasts have a tendency to droop with age and time, even in the absence of such factors as pregnancy and weght loss. The typr of lifting necessary depends on the degree of drooping. If drooping is minimal the implants can often correct it. In the presence of mild-moderate drooping a periareolar incision( doughnut type ) is recommended. If drooping is more , a vertical and possibly a horizontal incision become necessary as well. I think in you case a periareolar incision would be very appropriate and would lead to minimal scarring

What type of breast lift years after breast implants

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Over many years the breast can become more lax and tend to droop over the surface of a breast implant. Nipple position is the key to the type of lift needed, as well as the size of the skin envelope of the breast and how full an implant is acceptable to you to fill out the skin excess. It is likely that a vertical lift is necessary to raise the nipple and firm the breast over the new implants, if you don't wish to be any fuller than you are with your current implants. The scar may influence your decision. We would caution high profile implants in a lax breast as they can feel rather ball-like.

Best of luck,


What Type of Lift Should I Get After 16 Year Old Breast Implants?

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I'd like to see you explore options that do not involve a breast lift.

As you know a breast lift, or mastopexy, adds scars, expense and risk.

I think in your case that you would do well with a silicone gel impant that is slightly larger than your current size.

After your implant exchange you could use a good bra to give yourself the extra lift you desire, without having to pay a surgeon or accept the scars relating to a mastopexy. 

Breast lift after breast augmentation many years ago

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Based on the single photo that your provided - you appear to have some breast tissue sagging. Your nipple is in a relatively good position. Your overall breast shaping and long-term outcome would be improved with a vertical breast lift and implant exchange for a slightly larger silicone implant. I think a 'donut' or 'peri-areolar' mastopexy would not address the sagging breast tissue that you have.

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