What is the Best Type of Laser to Treat Rosacea?

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Combined intense pulsed light and NdYAG laser is usually best for rosacea

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Because rosacea often causes both diffuse pink or red discoloration and also discrete "broken" blood vessels on the surface of the skin, I find that most of my patients do best when treated with the Cutera LimeLight™ intense pulsed light, usually Program B, 15-17 J/cm2; followed immediately in the same session by CoolGlide™ 1064 nm NdYAG laser, 3 mm spot, 15 mSec, 175 J/cm2 to pick off the little blood vessels. Usually one session produces a very substantial improvement in the patient's appearance.

I prefer this to tunable dye laser, which can cause bruising and/or require multiple treatment sessions to obtain a good result. 532 nm [KTP] laser is too uncomfortable and has an increased risk of causing grooves where the vessels used to be.

Niagara Falls Dermatologic Surgeon

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