What type of jaw angle implants are available off shelf?

Bascially can you get silicone jaw implants which drop down and add abit of width? Lets say one gets silicone posterior jaw angle implants will he automatically get some width? If not can silicone custom implants add width and vertical length Finally is it quite expensive for custom silicone implants?

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Jaw angle implants

Silastic/silicone implants come in a few 'designs' some of which add primarily width and some 'vertical' dimension. As well, gortex-like implant materials can be used which can be trimmed to achieve any contour. Further, customization of silastic implants are feasible. i have my own design for example which provides a more complete contour change which is necessary in many cases. Porex implant materials are also used/acrylic type material; but their overall look is less ideal from my perspective.

Costs vary with the material and design and surgeon experience

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