What Type of Imaging Device Candetect a Radix Silacitc Nasal Implant?

physicians can feel it but cant seem to detect it on any imaging device (i.e. cat scan, x ray) what the heck did they put in me! sure could use some guidance. thank you.

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Nasal silicone implant

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get in touch with your prior plastic surgeon.  get the operative report.  this will be most helpful and may help you avoid an expensive study

Radix graft

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 Aradix graft is often cartilage, and cartilage often is not visualized well on x-ray or CT.  Best to ask your surgeon.

Radix graft identification

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It can be difficult to figure out what exactly was used as your radix graft using palpation or imaging. Your own cartilage is a common material to use. If you're having issues with the graft it could be removed, modified or replaced. I'm not sure if knowing the exact material used would change your decision regarding this though. Reviewing your operative report from your original surgery, if possible, may be the best way to find out what was used to augment the area.

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