What Type of Eyelid Procedure Would Help Correct my Left Eyelid Crease to Match my Right? (photo)

hi, i've always noticed the uneven eyelid creases between my left and right, its even more noticeable in pictures. what is the safest and best ways to correct the crease on my left eyelid ( picture attached )

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Eyelid procedure for uneven eyelid creases

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The blepharoplasty operation is a combination of techniques such as skin removal, fat removal, and 2 compartments on the upper lids and sometimes a small strip of orbicularis oculi muscle.  Further suturing to create the crease higher can also be performed with permanent stitches to raise the eyelid crease.

Eyelid surgery

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From the photo it appears as though you would need ptosis surgery with crease reformation of the upper eyelid.  It may just be the photo but it also looks like you might be enophthalmic or sunken in on that side which if is the case would need to be corrected and investigated as to why this would be.  It is important to see an Oculoplastic surgeon for this problem.

Ptosis repair, not blepharoplasty

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I agree with Dr. Rand that you appear to have ptosis. An upper blepharoplasty alone will not remedy this problem. I typically refer people with this concern to an Oculoplastic Surgeon who specializes in ptosis repair. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Weber Facial Plastic Surgery

Eyelid ptosis correction

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From your photo you look to have eyelid ptosis on the droopy side.  This can be improved with surgery done by an ophthalmologist or plastic surgeon who has lots of experience with ptosis.  It is not just regular blepharoplasty surgery.

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