I Have Never Done Any Type of Drugs but I Have a Hole in my Nose?

I Have Had Serious Sinus Problems and Infections on a Regular Basis with headaches and lots of bleeding my nose runs constantly I have seen an ent for the past 3-4 years he gives me antibiotics and nose spray I don't know what to do

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I Have Never Done Any Type of Drugs but I Have a Hole in my Nose?

A septal perforation can result from prior drug use, as you pointed out, but also trauma, surgery and even prescription nasal sprays. In some cases, we can't find an explanation for a septal perforation. There are alot of possible causes for perforations so it is important to have a detailed examination to rule out any associated medical issues. Perforations can be treated symptomatically with nasal saline and ointments or surgically depending upon its size and your preference. I hope this information is helpful.

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