I Am a Type 1 Diabetic and Am Interested in Fraxel Re:pair, Am I a Candidate?

Type 1 Diabetic with somewhat stable but not perfect blood sugar would like to know if anyone has treated anyone who is Type 1 and if the healing time/complications were worse. I am 45, blond, 110 lbs, fair skin. Thank you very much.

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Fraxel & Diabetes Type I

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In my experience, there should be no reason why your diabetes should preclude you from receiving treatment with Fraxel. Your physician will likely want to know your recent A1c or a history of finger sticks to make sure that you are well-controlled enough for adequate healing, but other than that Diabetes should not be a factor. Hope this helps! 

New York Dermatologic Surgeon

Diabetes, fraxel, treatment

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I am quite familier with type I diabetes. Although wound healing is somewhat slower in these patients, but there is no reason that with the appropriate precautions & goal setting that you could be treated. I have treated patients with type I diabetes without any problems to date.  Discuss with your dermatologist for various available options for the condition you like to be treated.

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