Type 1 Diabetes, Obese and Wanting a Mommy Make Over?

I'm 28 years old. I have one child. I was told no more children by all my doctors because my insulin needs have increase to twice as much as what I was on before I had my daughter. I plan on having a hysterectomy before I would get my tummy tuck and extremity lifts. I was wondering what is the A1c range surgeons like to see their patients have before surgery and does it also mean I need to stay longer since I plan to travel out of state to have my surgery done?

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Diabetics in good control for satisfactory patient from mommy makeover.

The overall medical condition is a premier consideration prior to any operation. Diabetes presents risks that must be taken into consideration before a mommy makeover. Of and by itself it is not a contraindication.

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Possible candidate for a mommy make over

From your description you may be a good candidate for a mommy make over.  You should first be seen in consultation by a plastic surgeon who can review your risk factors and determine the best treatment plan to address your concerns.

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Diabetes and cosmetic surgery

I have to agree with the other posts- do not take unnecessary risks for elective surgery.  The first order of business is to get your weight down to a normal, healthy range.  I typically require my patient's BMI (body mass index) be below 30.  This will also help keep your diabetes under control.  You otherwise carry a higher risk for complications such as deep vein thrombosis/pulmonary embolism, wound healing complications, skin necrosis and infection to name a few.  Consult your primary care physician first to establish a plan to get you closer to your goal.  Once your goal is reached visit a reputable, board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your mommy makeover.  Good luck!

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Type 1 Diabetes, Obese and Wanting a Mommy Make Over?

          There will be a lot of other factors involved in whether or how to proceed with surgery including end organ damage that has already occurred due to diabetes, weight, other health problems, types of procedures requested, etc.  A HgA1c of 7 is difficult to achieve in Type 1 diabetics but is considered good control.  If surgery is performed, there will probably be a need to be more cautious during the recovery period.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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MM for a diabetic

Most Diabetics can have plastic surgery safely. To minimize risks, you, your diabetic doctor along with your plastic surgeon need to make sure that your diabetes is under good control before and after the procedure. Although some complications may be increased, such as infection, the odds are generally in your favor that you will do OK

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Diabetes and Surgery

Diabetics can undergo elective surgery and mommy makeovers, but the risks are higher.  Diabetics heal slower, have increased risk of infection and have blood supply issues.  Therefore, the procedures need to be modified to minimize the risks and blood sugars need to be carefully controlled during and after the surgery.  Instead of performing multiple procedures at once, it may be wise to separate them out.  You will need to visit with your internal medicine physician and your plastic surgeon to coordinate your care.

Good Luck!

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Mommy Makeover Candidate if Obese and Diabetic?

Thank you for the question. At some point, you may be an excellent candidate for mommy makeover surgery. Patients undergoing these types of elective operations should be as close as possible to their long-term stable weight and medically “optimized” by their internists preoperatively.  The doctor managing your diabetes will be able to guide you as to the optimal level for your hemoglobin A-1 C range. 

Your chosen plastic surgeon will be your best resource when it comes to specific advice as to how long to stay in town after your procedure is performed.

 You may find the attached link helpful to you as you learn more about procedures available.

 Best wishes as you reach your preoperative goals.


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Mommy makeover

It sounds that your diabetes is getting worse. You also state you are obese. The right thing to do before cosmetic surgery is to loose the weight to around your ideal body weight, then think of cosmetic surgery. Because your risks for surgical complications are very high.Why take huge risks ??? you just became a no new mother.

Samir Shureih, MD
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