Type 2 Diabetes and Smart Lipo? (photo)

I am 46 years old,5'8",270lbs.and I have type 2 diabetes. I have a large belly and nothing works to get rid of it. My doctor says a big part of my problem with diabetes is my belly and I need to loose 70 lbs... Question; will smartlipo get rid of 70 lbs of fat and bring down the waist line to where i can manage my weight better? Will the belly disappear? Also will smartlipo help with my diabetes?lastly how much will it cost to get rid of my belly through smartlipo?

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Type 2 Diabetes and Smart Lipo?

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Thanks for the posted photos. Unfortunately Smart Lipo is not the correct liposuction for you in my opinion. Consider traditional, vase, ultrasonic or Body Jet Lipo for removal of larger amounts of adipose. But best to lose weight first. 

Smart Lipo and diabetes

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Any type of liposuction is best performed on patients who are at their ideal body weight and have persistent areas or pockets of fat that need to be contoured.  You are overweight and much of your abdominal fullness is likely due to intraabdominal fat (the fat around your internal organs) which cannot be treated with liposuction.  Only true weight loss will decrease this fat.  I recommend listening to your physician's advice, focus on a nutrition and exercise plan to reduce body fat, and then if you have persistent areas which are resistant, they can be treated with SmartLipo.  

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