What Type of Chin Surgery Should I Have to Correct my Chin.

Looking for some advice on what to do with my chin. I do have an overbite, and I do not want to move my jaw and realign my teeth. I have a very naturally deep mental crease/fold. Feels like a step or shelf below my lower lip. I’m looking to improve 4 areas. Reduce my deep mental fold / crease Create a better angle in profile from chin to neck. cervicomental angle Improve Jaw line to be more defined. Harmony with chin and rest of face. Possibly adding vertical and horizontal height

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Many options exist for chin countouring

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Reviewing your photographs suggests that the vertical projection of your chin is deficient.  Our understanding of what people consider "aesthetic" tells us that the distance from the base of the nose to the oral comissure (line between upper and lower lip) should be 1/2 the distance from the comissure to the lowest point on the chin.  This is best assessed when viewing from the front.  In the picture you provided, it appears that this ratio is closer to 1:1. 

Also, you may have too much anterior projection in just one area, leading to the "shelf" you describe.  Often these issues can be addressed with simple countouring of the bone and correction of the projection with implants.  Of course, your facial plastic surgeon will be able to provide more detail. 

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