What Type of Chin Liposuction Minimizes Bruising or Potential Bleeding?

Is tumescent chin liposuction a better option in terms of side effects compared to other methods?

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Tumescent chin liposuction- What is best

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First clarification.

Tumescent is not a type of liposuction.  It literally means "hard".  In the 1980's people started pumping fluids into the area to be liposuctioned. The fluid contained numbing agents and epinephrine which constricted vessels, minimized bleeding/bruising/swelling, and decreased pain. 

As such, tumescent fluid is an adjunct that is used with all different types of liposuction today.  Usually, only enough is put in so the tissue is "wet" rather than hard.

In addition to the tumescent fluid, laser lipo, or ultrasound lipo will also tend to reduce bleeding, and bruising, and to some extent minimize the post op course.


Bruising Low Risk after Chin Liposuction

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Being concerned about bruising after chin liposuction is very common. I get that question with every consultation. Now the good news, bruising is almost never an issue. We screen for any meds that make one prone to bruise. We check labs to make sure you are not at risk. And then, we compress the area after treatment.

With that said, we have had no one with bothersome bruising in over ten years!

T. Wayne Day, MD
Nashville Dermatologic Surgeon

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