What Type of Chin / Jaw Surgery Should I Pursue?

Never really been too happy with my chin and I just wanted to know what surgery would work best for improving my profile. Looking for good, long term results. Thank you. P.S. if anyone can make some photos of what my chin may look like after surgery, that would be much appreciated.

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Chin Augmentation

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Hello Steven,

Thanks for the question. I agree that the profile views, taken with you facing 90 degrees away from the camera to either side, would be very helpful. Based on your oblique view (turned 45 degrees to the side) it seems that your chin is on the smaller side. You may be a candidate for a chin augmentation, involving placement of a chin implant. I often perform liposuction of the neck at the same time that the implant is placed in patients who would benefit from the combination of the two procedures. However, I would be able to better assess your concerns with a look at your profile.

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Dr. Mehta

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Your photos are useless

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These photos do not help at all in answering the question.  You need front, side and obliques for any reasonable answer. Especially the sides.

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