Is This Type of Chin Implant / Outcome Possible?

Hi, I was wondering from the pictures I posted if an implant would realistically be able to achieve a similar look I posted and appear completely natural ? Also what are the chances that the outcome would look unnatural since I believe I want more then just enlarging the chin outward. Thank you for any replies

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VIDEO (Click here) Injectable Chin enlargement/implant

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It appears that you may have an overbite due to an underdeveloped mandilble. This indicates that you could benefit from jaw surgery as well. Alternatively, It is possible that your desired result could be achieved with either chin implants or injectable fillers

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Possible Chin Implant Outcome

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The photo you attached represents predominantly an increase in chin projection. In fact, it looks like your desired projection goes beyond the vertical plane of your lower lip, which is more than normal. That being said, if that is your desire, you can likely get fairly close to this result in the hands of an experienced facial plastic surgeon. There are a variety of implant shapes and sizes that are available to help you achieve a result similar to this. There are even custom made implants that can be ordered to be even more accurate with the surgical reshaping process. Best of luck.

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Chin Implant options and expectations

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The pictures you have shown do represent a fairly realistic result for what a chin implant can accomplish on your face.  The implant itself must be carefully chosen to give you the look you want.  It appears you have simulated more projection in front and lengthened the chin down.  There are several types of implants that could achieve these goals.  Often times I will custom shave a standard implant to achieve the patients goals.  Chin augmentation can do great things for the face both adding youth and strength to the overall look.  Hope this was helpful.


Dr D.

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