Best Chin Implant for Weak Chin, Pronounced Cheek Bones? Size? Material? Model?

Hi, I am living in an area where plastic surgery is not popular. I am looking to go custom if needed. I am thinking of a getting an analysis for a CUSTOM implant and comparing to an 'off the shelf' implant to determine any significant differences. I have noticed that a slightly square shaped implant results in a round shape due to the natural chin fat over the implant, so it makes sense to get the strong square shaped implant medium and b/c I have pronounced cheekbones. Am I right?

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Best chin implant for with prominent cheek bones

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The best chin implant material for both chin and cheek implants is silastic plastic. We prefer the Implantech brand. They come in multiple different sizes and shapes. The implants can be custom carved when needed in rare instances.  The chin implant is placed through a submental incision and placed directly over the bone to augment a weak chin profile. There are some implants that come preformed that are already more squared off in appearance and these can be used if the patient desires to have a more square chin profile.  

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Dermafillers are excellent for cheek augmentation while implant are better for chin.

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These are great questions – I have found that the augmentation of the cheek bones and chin can improve the appearance of most faces. Regarding the cheek area, it is very difficult to have a custom implant that can be placed to address the many different anatomical variables of the individual. I found that the dermafillers to be a better treatment for cheek augmentation for the following reasons:

  • They may be placed during a10 minute visit without the trauma involved in a surgical procedure.
  • They may be placed in the cheek and underneath the eyes and be blended very naturally.
  • As patients age and their faces change, the filler may be modified with different variations.


In regards to the chin, implants are generally best in augmenting the chin than Dermalfillers. The material used often depends on the surgeon’s preference.


The best way to plan for how large of an implant will be used is to meet with your surgeon and examine your individual photos that have been taken. Computer imaging may also be used to illustrate the desired outcome.

The surgeon may bring in multiple sizes, and try them out during surgery, then determine the fit that best meets the patient’s desires.

Im very proud of the results using dermafillers to augment the cheeks and an implant for chin augmentation. For an example please click the link below.

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Best Chin Implant

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Dr Placik has outlined the differing implants. I'm recommending ONLY in person evaluations NOT over the internet. Even with the posted photographic view you have so kindly provided, there are SOOOO many measurements and discussions take should be done before the "exact" implant can be chosen. Take the time to do this. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl j. Blinski

Chin implants: a variety of choices.

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Implants come in many sizes and shapes. When you meet with a plastic surgeon, you may be able to review sample sizers available in the office. Silicone remains the most popular and is soft and supple and contours to the underlying bone. Other materials such as porous poyethylene are rigid and have a better abilltiy to achieve a desired shape but do NOT contour to the underlying bone. Other surgeons, custom carve implants out of various materials while others stack soft cloth like materials.

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