What Type of Chemical Peel is Right for Me?

I am an 18 year old female i am 5"1 and 100lbs. I have very fair skin i burn easily, in addition i have freckles. I also have acne and get pimples and black heads very often. I am looking to eliminate as much of my acne and blavk heads as i can. I am also seeking to have a smoother more silk feeling skin. What level of chemical peel would be my best option.

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Baby steps approach to skin

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You are very young. You need to take baby steps to improve your skin. First and foremost get in touch with a good aesthetician. Preferably an aesthetician who is PCA certified. She/he can start you on some good regimen to improve the skin quality and control acne and blemishes. After that try some of the PCA peels and alternate with microdermabrasion.

You are young and do not need any aggressive chemcial peels or laser. Remember about 80% aging of skin is from sun damage. So, never forget your sunscreen.



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Salicylic Acid peels help to eliminate acne

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If you are seeking to reduce acne and blackheads, a series of mild salicylic acid peels will yield the best result. As Dr. Fisher stated below, beta hydroxy acids are designed to do just that. They clear out pores by breaking up sebum(oil),dirt and dead skin cells that lie in the pores and contribute to congestion of the skin.  In addition to clinical skin care treatments, a daily skin care regimen that supports your desired result is strongly recommended. Consult with a dermatologist or licensed aesthetician who can guide you appropriately after assessing your skin. 


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Hello, we use PCA Chemical peels here in our office and we find them to work great.  Anytime you're doing a chemical it is best to pre prep the skin using PCA skin care products one week prior to doing the peel.  After, the chemical peel is performed it is best to use the post peel kit. This should also last you a week afterwards.  Our Esthetician will asses which peel is best for your skin and determine how often you should receive one.

Salicylic peel probably best

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For sensitive skin and comedonal acne (blackheads, small acne bumps) I typically recommend a light peel such as a salicylic acid peel. Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid that is comedolytic (breaks up sebum/oil, skin cells that clog pores). The peel is also mild with minimal recovery time for most patients. It is best to go to a physician's office to administer the peel for correct application, and to ensure that the correct concentration is chosen for your skin type. However, chemical peels are commonly only an adjunctive treatment for most types of acne, not a primary treatment, and combination with other acne prescription medications depending on your skin type and type of acne may be needed to obtain optimal long term control over your acne.

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