What Type of Butt Implant is Best? What's Normal Longevity?

I am planning on getting butt implants but do not know much about what implant is best and what position to have them placed in. Are they similar to breast implants (over the muscle, under the muscle etc?) Also, I would like to know how often these types of implants to need to be replaced to maintain the appearance of them?

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Buttock Implant specifics

Buttock implants (FDA approved in the USA) are made of soft semi-solid silicone rubber but not silicone gel.  Therefore they cannot rupture and leak silicone into your tissues.  Also they are a permanent implant that can last a life-time and do not automatically need replacement every ten or so years like silicone breast implants.  The absolute best place to have them placed is under or within the gluteus maximus muscle.  In this position they are less visible, less palpable, and do not sag over time unlike when placed on top of the muscle.  Finally, because this procedure is done by very few surgeons it is extremely important to seek consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in this procedure and that places the implant under or within the muscle.  Best of luck...RAS

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