What Type of Breast Implants Provide the Most Natural Appearance?

I am a 35yr old mother of 4 and have lost 2 cup sizes of breast tissue. I have gone from a full C to a small B/large A. I have little to no volume in the upper portion of my breasts. My nipples are still in a good position but my breasts have loose saggy skin due to the deflation of the size. I am very thin and my ribs are visible through my skin on my chest. From the side I have very little protrusion. I want to restore my breasts to their pre-pregnancy size but I want the most natural result.

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Breast implants

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As long as you go with a conservative size your results will appear more natural. Also, the silicone gel breast implants tend be softer and feel like real breast tissue, which patients ten dto prefer if they want a natural outcome. Best of luck to you.

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