Is There a New Type of Breast "Implant" Available?

I read a while ago in a paper that surgeons in australia were/had developed a new type of implant using a degradable mesh and gel that is placed in the breast and increases growth around the implant which then "dissolves" leaving the wearer with larger breasts with no actual implant. is this true and where can i find info. the procedure is similar to that where an ear shape was grown on a mouse' back.

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Is There a New Type of Breast "Implant" Available? New non-implant options

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There have been a variety of research protocols using resorbable matrices seeded with autologous stem cells. While this may be the future of breast augmentation, it will be several years before it is available in the USA.

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New implants

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There are always new things in the pipeline wiating to get approaval for general use, but I ahve not heard of the ones that you mention.

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