I Have This Type of Birthmarks, Do I Have I Chance to Remove It? (photo)

I Have This Type of Birthmarks, Do I Have I Chance to Remove It?

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Facial birthmark removal

Birthmarks on the face can be challenging to remove depending on their size and location. The birthmark in the photo is located along the nasojugal fold. Theoretically, this is a great place to put a scar on the face since it lies along a natural fold. However, the size of the birthmark can create a significant pull on the lower eyelid or flatten the junction of the nose and cheek. This may require a different approach than simple excision and closure. This can include serial excision or staged reconstruction using tissue expanders. Alternatively, certain types of laser such as q-switched ruby or pulsed dye can be helpful in lightening these birthmarks. It's difficult to predict how much lightening you will see in your particular situation. A test patch may be useful to fine tune laser settings and to figure out how much your birthmark will fade.

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