Tyndall or bruising (Juvederm and Belotero to tear troughs and under eye hollows)? - (photo)

I had 1cc of belotero and 1cc of juvederm injected on Wednesday (3days ago). I did have some bleeding ... but I am concerned this is the Tyndall effect and not bruises. It was not noticeable immediately after but as the swelling has subsided I have these blue spots next to the injection points (i can still see the needle marks). Does this appear to be tydall? (I have been on a medrol pack since the day after so swelling has been minimal)

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I think that based on your photos the bluish hue that you see is just bruising and not Tyndl effect. Tyndall effect is much more subtle than the bruising that you. While this wedding bruising are resolved you will see if you have a real Tyndall. I do not anticipate that to happen with Belotero.

Jupiter Facial Plastic Surgeon
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It looks like bruising

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The eyes bruise easily.  I would suggest some concealer and just waiting.  It looks like it will look great (once the bruising is resolved).
Best, Dr McNeill

Anne Marie McNeill, MD, PhD
Newport Beach Dermatologic Surgeon
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Not Tyndall effect

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This is almost certainly bruising, and not a Tyndall effect.

To minimize bruising, I have patients avoid supplements and medications that can cause bruising (there is a very long list), use blunt-tipped cannulas, mix a little epinephrine into the fillers, use ice packs both immediately during/after the injections as well as at home, recommend arnica gel and tabs, vitamin K cream, and prescription Biafine, and inject small amounts of filler at a time, very slowly.  After the fact, vitamin K cream and Biafine can be helpful, and I laser any bruises with GentleLase, which is dramatically effective in most patients.
it will resolve. Using a yellow cream (Clinique or Physician's formula) under a setting powder snd an opaque foundation will cover them fairly well.

Sheryl D. Clark, MD
New York Dermatologist
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Tyndall or bruising (Juvederm and Belotero to tear troughs and under eye hollowsYes you may have the Tyndall effect. BUT why mix

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Yes you may have the Tyndall effect. BUT why mix two HA injectables that makes no medical sense... Best to see where exactly the Juvederm was injected...

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