How long are IDEAL implants good for?

I'm scheduled to have my breast augmentation done in a couple weeks and decided on the IDEAL implants but forgot to ask how long they are good for! Also, I'm still going back and forth regarding doing the IDEAL or Gummy Bears. I scar horribly so I want to do the IDEAL since the incision is smaller.

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Ideal Implants

I've been using the Ideal Implants since November and have been very happy with them. Patients like the feel which are the same as silicone gel. They only have 5 year data but it it is the same or better than the gel implants with respect to failure rate.

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Good luck with your surgery!Below is the literature from the IDEAL implant website, it is very similar to the other manufacturers:
1. Product Replacement: If a Covered Event occurs, Ideal Implant will replace the product
subject to a Covered Event (a “Qualified Product”) with another Ideal Implant product, of the
same or similar type as the Qualified Product, free-of-charge for the lifetime of the patient.
Implantation of the replacement Ideal Implant product, as well as any subsequent procedures,
must be in strict accordance with current Ideal Implant product literature and accepted plastic
surgical procedures by appropriately qualified licensed surgeons for such product to qualify for
replacement. Should a more expensive Ideal Implant product be requested by the surgeon,
Ideal Implant will charge the ordering customer for the list price difference between the Qualified
Product to be replaced and the requested replacement product. The customer will not be
credited or reimbursed for the list price difference between the Qualified Product to be replaced
and the requested replacement product should the surgeon request a less expensive
replacement product.
The explanted Qualified Product must be returned to Ideal Implant within 30 days of its explant
in order to qualify for the replacement product under this Limited Warranty. In the event that the
explanted Qualified Product is not returned to Ideal Implant within 30 days of its explantation,
the ordering customer will be charged for the price of the replacement product. Replacement
product for a Qualified Product will be sent pursuant to Ideal Implant standard shipping policies,
with extra charges for expedited shipping payable by the implanting surgeon. Ideal Implant will
neither provide a product that is not supplied by Ideal Implant, nor provide money in lieu of an
Ideal Implant replacement product. Any replacement Ideal Implant product automatically
includes a new Limited Warranty then in effect covering the replacement implant only.
Limitation on Product Replacement: If Ideal Implant’s obligation to provide a replacement
product under the Limited Warranty is prevented, restricted, or interfered with by reason of fire,
flood, earthquake, explosion, or other casualty or accident, strikes or labor disputes, inability to
procure supplies or power, war or other violence, any law, order, proclamation, regulation,
ordinance, demand, or requirement of any government agency, or any other act or condition
whatsoever beyond the reasonable control of Ideal Implant, the performance of that obligation
shall be excused without penalty. For purposes of this provision, excuse of performance shall
mean that Ideal Implant is neither obligated to provide nor pay for a replacement product,
regardless of the product’s source. Despite the excuse of Ideal Implant’s obligation to provide a
replacement product under this provision, Ideal Implant shall continue to perform its obligation to
provide financial assistance for operating room, anesthesia, and surgical fee costs to the extent
described under the Limited Warranty.
2. Financial Assistance: Under the Limited Warranty, when a replacement surgery for a
Covered Event occurs within ten (10) years from the date of implantation, Ideal Implant will pay
out-of-pocket expenses for surgical fees, operating room, and anesthesia expenses directly
related to the replacement surgery and not covered by insurance, up to a maximum aggregate
Ideal Implant Incorporated
Structured Breast Implant Limited Warranty
amount of $2,400. As a condition to Ideal Implant’s obligations for such financial assistance, the
patient must sign a general release on the form provided by Ideal Implant. Ideal Implant will not
pay for any replacement expenses until receipt of the release signed by the patient. In addition,
Ideal Implant may require a copy of bills or receipts associated with the replacement surgery
before payment will be made. Other documentation, such as operative notes, may be required
prior to payment. Request for financial assistance under the Limited Warranty must be made to
Ideal Implant prior to the date of qualifying replacement surgery.
3. Contralateral Implant: At the surgeon’s request, Ideal Implant will provide a replacement
Ideal Implant product to use to replace the contralateral implant. If a patient undergoes a
unilateral replacement of a Qualified Product, the financial assistance terms of the original
Limited Warranty continue to apply to the contralateral implant that was not replaced for the
remainder of the ten years still available under its original term.

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How long are IDEAL implants good for?

Thank you for your question.  You will often hear that breast implants are not life-time devices.  This is true, although I have many patients who have had their breast implants for over 20 years and never needed to have them replaced.  You really only need to replace them if the rupture, which occurs at a rate of around 1% per year. IDEAL implants, as with saline or gel implants can be performed through a very tiny incision under the armpit (transaxillary).  If you have known issues with scaring, you may want to consider a plastic surgeon who offers this technique.  Best of luck to you. 

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How long are IDEAL implants good for?

Thank you for your question.  There's no expiration date for breast implants.  As long as there's no problem like implant deflation, you're good.  Having said that, implants usually don't last forever.  There's roughly a failure rate of 1% per year.

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