I'm Two Years Post BA. My Right Breast is Fine, Left Breast Looks and Feels Fine but I'm Getting a Lot of Strange Sensations?

Hot/cold/numb/shooting pains. All on the lower or inside right breast. My ps put a larger implant in my left breast as I was a cup size smaller on that side. It worries me.

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Breast Implant- pain & numbness

Two years after implant placement, the new onset of strange sensations should lead you to schedule a consultation with your plastic surgeon for evaluation and treatment recommendations.  You may have a leak or deflation, capsular contracture or scar tissue formation, or even an infection developing.  That is why it is essential that you see your plastic surgeon.  Don’t delay.

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Breast Implants

You should discuss your concerns and findings with your plastic surgeon.  An examination is needed to rule out anything sinister.


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Why breasts have strange sensations after augmenation

these sensations are related to the amount of stretch injury to the sensory nerves of the breast.  The larger you go the more the nerves will get stretched.  As a nerve is trying to heal itself any number of sensory changes may occur.  Often its shooting pain like electrical shocks.  When a nerve is stretched a lot to accommodate a larger implant numbness may initially occur but all of the sensations you describe is related to nerve stretch.  This may take years to settle down.  If you don't want to experience these sensations try to select implants that are smaller in size as larger ones tend to have more problems.  

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Breast Augmentation Follow-up

Contact your board certified plastic surgeon for any follow-up questions or post-operative  concerns. Best wishes!

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When Am I Expected to See my Final Breasts Size

It is not unusual to have occasional odd sensations after breast surgery of any type. However, this is not the place to seek reassurance. An exam by your surgeon can accomplish that. 

All the best. 

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