Two Weeks Post Stomach Lipo and Stomach Just Suddenly Plopped out All Floppy Again?

Thank you to the doctors who ansered my previous question so helpfully. Now tummy fat just overnight plopped out and is all floppy and big again, doesn't feel swollen, feels like the fat is back. Two weeks out, looked much better last week. I'm shocked; I look like a lipo BeFORE picture. Did I need a tummy tuck and my muscles are just too weak, or what is happening? If swollen, wouldn't it feel a little numb? It is loose, floppy fat!

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Fat back 2 weeks after liposuction

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Thank you for asking the cause of the 'return of fat' 2 weeks after liposuction.

  1. If the fat was removed, it is unlikely it returned like this.
  2. See your plastic surgeon for an examination, explanation and plan.
  3. It may be a simple fluid collection. It may be that you needed a tummy tuck.
  4. Only an examination can tell what is going on. See your surgeon. Best wishes.

Floppy abdomen after tummy tuck?

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It is impossible to know exactly what is going on without examining you. The best person to figure this out is your surgeon and you should see him/her to discuss this.  It is possible that there is a fluid collection, muscle laxity, hernia, or just recurrent edema. Call your surgeon and be seen. 

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