Two Weeks Post Op Breast Augmentation Pain, Could It be Infection?

HI, Im 2 weeks post op i had my surgery in miami.I received 550 cc overfilled to 600cc under the 13 post op and im in moderate pain n soreness.Im feeling the pain mostly to size of my breast and my nipples.My chest muscles feels tighter n have been contracting on the implant.I haven't been sleeping inclined from day1 and sometimes roll to my side in my sleep.My body sometimes feels warm.Should i go to the hospital since my surgeon is overseas to rule out an infection??

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Signs of infection after surgery

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I'm sorry you're not feeling well. I see you asked this question 2 days ago, so hopefully you either went to the ER or are now feeling better. Nevertheless, I feel it's important for others to know basic information about post op infections. Look for:

  • Increased warmth/reddness and swelling to site
  • Temperature above 100degrees F (you must have a thermometer, feeling 'warm' is not helpful in assessment)
  • Fever/chills
  • Drainage of pus (cloudy grayish-green)

I hope this helps for future reference!

Dr. H



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