Two-weeks After Septorhinoplasty I Feel That my Eye Shape Has Been Changed and I'm Ugly?

last 14 days I had a septorhinoplasty which I straighten my nose and reduce the size just a bit but now I see my eyes rounder..the chin are a bit smaller with the swollen nose with apathetic face!(even my sister mentioned that )now I feel so ugly! I think it's not about the nose.cause it's not changing a lot..I feel it's about the other parts on my it possible?(it's not illusion,even my sister mentioned that) will it be alright?or my face has been changed forever?please be honest...

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Change in Face After Rhinoplasty

Even minor changes of the nose can result in dramatic changes in the appearance of the face.  These are not actual changes in other regions, but the preoperative facial balance is altered.  At 2 weeks, you are expected to have significant swelling, which will further alter this. The important thing to remember is that you will not see your final results for 9-12 months after surgery.  It is important to discuss these concerns with your surgeon.

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Two-weeks After Septorhinoplasty I Feel That my Eye Shape Has Been Changed and I'm Ugly?

Dear Dewd,

Thank you for your question.  Please post before and after full face frontal and side profiles for us to advise you.  The face is all about balance.  Your eyes etc. are probably not wider after the rhinoplasty, but they may be bigger in proportion to your new nose.  This is usually a good thing to emphasize the eyes rather than the nose.  If you post photos as above, a better answer can be given.  Also realize that you are very early in your healing process.  The face evolves over time.

Best wishes,

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Facial changes after rhinoplasty

You are early in the post operative period.  You will need time to adapt to your new look.  Give it time and I believe that your self esteem will improve.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

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