Two Weeks After Rhinoplasty Surgery, I Might Have an Infection, What Do I Do?

After the surgery, healin process went well till now. My nostrils seems swelling, my top of the nose is red, and I might smell a foul order after showering. Three days ago it seemed fine. Next day it was swollen and puffed. Recently I had to carry some heavy tablrs( throwing it away) And i picked my nose to get rid of the red crust on my nose. I just got blood from my nostrils After Cleaning it. Does it seem I have an infection? I won't be able to see my surgeon until Monday. Thanks!

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You shoud see your doctor as soon as possible

Please follow up with your surgeon. It is important he takes a look inside and see what is going on. It is really hard to diagnose the problem without seeing you in person.  The residual swelling after the rhinoplasty procedure can be present for quite a while and can change on day to day basis. You can feel numbness especially around your tip and upper lip area. The healing process of your  nose can take up to one year. Infectios however are extremaly rare

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Without an exam or picture it’s hard to tell what can be going on. You need to call your PS and let him know what is going on and they should schedule you to come in a.s.a.p. You cannot wait till Monday if you have a low grade infection it needs to be attended too now not later.


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Possible complications after rhinoplasty

Dear Rippy0,

-Your surgeon should have someone that can see you while he/she is unavailable and you should see them today or tomorrow

-If you cannot see anyone, at least see your primary care doctor who can look at you

-please call your surgeon's office and see what they can do for you

Best regards,

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Possible Infection After Rhinoplasty Surgery

It is difficult to tell whether or not you have an infection ongoing just based on your description. Infections following rhinoplasty are quite rare, fortunately. However, I would highly recommend you see your surgeon as soon as possible to answer the question.

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