Two Weeks After Facelift Surgery, a Small Round, Bright Red, Pimple Like Bump Appeared Above my Eyebrow. What is It (photo)?

Two weeks after receiving a facelift, a small round, bright red, pimple like bump appeared above my right eyebrow. It seemed to have a small amount of puss like liquid in it. I didn't mess with it to much, applied peroxide and in about a week, it did seem to dry up somewhat but the red mark remains there. Then, yesterday (six weeks after surgery) on the lower portion of an incision,on the outer corner of my eye, the same sort of red bump appeared. Help, what is this? Thank you.

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Red Bump After Facelift #facelift

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What you describe is classic for a suture granuloma which is the body's reaction to get rid of undissolved suture. The body will literally try to spit these stitches out. You can get sterile non-infected yellowish material commonly referred to as puss from the wound. Puss is basically a large amount of white blood cells that have migrated to fight off some foreign material like undissolved sutures or bacteria. When white blood cells die they become what you would call puss. This is most likely sterile non-infected puss as a result of un-dissolved suture. Stitches can be dissolvable or non-dissolvable. Go see your surgeon to check for retained permanent suture or un-dissolved suture. This is normal and will heal over many months with no issues. 


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Red bump after facelift

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This could be a retained, inflamed stitch called a stitch granuloma. Sometimes the body takes a long time to resorb absorbable stitches and forms inflammation around the retained stitch. This forms a granuloma. Sometimes steroid injections will fix this, other times the suture actually has to be removed. I would follow up with your surgeon ASAP to have this further evaluated.

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Small inflammatory nodules after surgery

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These small pimple-like lesions are usually due to a retained stitch (permanent or absorbable) or an infolding of the skin, trapping some beneath the surface. They can also be caused by skin cells growing down a stitch track and again becoming trapped under the surface. Your doctor may choose to 'deroof' them to allow drainage and facilitate healing. If no pus has formed, they may occasionally be excised. They usually settle. You should follow up with your surgeon, who is the only one who knows what stitches were used and where they were placed.

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Red Spots after Facelift

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   If you had facelift, you could always have suture reaction or suture abscesses.  If the stitch was above your right brow and only a facelift was performed, this would be a bit of a strange location for a suture.  Best to followup with your plastic surgeon.

Healing after a facelift, litelift, lifestyle lift, quick lift, eyelid surgery

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healing after a facelift, litelift, lifestyle lift,  quick lift,  eyelid surgery

  • this may represent a small stitch
  • this can be a sty or small infection near the eyelid
  • your doctor has probably looked at this already
  • warm compresses.  local care if not getting worse for now
  • call your doctor!!!

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