Can I Get Two More Implants? I Already Have One.

1st Problem area: My right front number one tooth is an implant. The crown is loose so it comes out and I can slide it back on. 2nd problem area: my left front number one and two were removed by a quack dentist and presently I have a temporary bridge on that is attached via some kind of cement to my third front left which is my canine. Also I have a US visa and friends in New York and Texas whot will take care of me if I have to go into surgery again. Can you help me? Regards Gale

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More Implants

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Sorry to hear quack dentistry got you.  But, thank goodness, with today's technology we can correct and repair most issues.  From what I can gather you probably can go with single crowns[ one implant per tooth ] or an implant bridge.  In order to make the correct decision, we would need to see a 3D cone beam x-ray so we are able to see the volume that is present.  More bone, more implants. Also, the volume of gum tissue is critical when making esthetic decisions.  If you can post/send some photos I can give you a more accurate analysis. Best of luck, Martin Gorman,DDS  

Encino Dentist

More implants?

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A person can always have more implants placed in their mouth if the tisues and bone are healthy.  I would suggest consulting with a dentist that does implants or maybe more then one to get alternatives.  Sometimes bridges can be done between implants.

Best of Luck,

Dr Scott LeSueur

Getting 2 More Implants When You Already Have 1.

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You can have as many implants as your bone will support. Without seeing X-rays and photos, it is impossible to answer your exact situation.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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