Two Months Post Op Breast Lift?

Partial Breast lift, no implant. Anchor incision. Had a wound that finally healed. Everything fine for a few days. I am now getting sharp pulling and stinging pains about an inch away from where the wound healed. It is not red nor infected. But concerned. Will see doc in a week. Any idea what this can be? Thanks!

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Pain and Pulling after Breast Lift

    As scars mature, they go through different phases of wound healing.   In general, scars for about the first three months can be hard and cause a sensation of pulling.  In the absence of infection, this is a normal part of the healing process, and the scars tend to soften over a year's time.

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Pain after Breast Lift?

Congratulations on having undergone the breast lift operation.  Often, the symptoms you described can  attributed to an underlying suture. You may find that the symptoms resolve as the suture dissolves or that the suture may have to be removed for symptom relief.

 Of course, your plastic surgeon is in the best position to advise you precisely.

 Best wishes;  hopefully, you will be pleased with the long-term outcome of your procedure.

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Breast lift and some discomfort

It is fairly common ot have some discomfort as things heal even after a few months. Just to be on the safe side it might be a good idea to see your surgeon for follow-up.

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Having discomfort at this stage is normal. The nerves are regenerating and it takes 6-9 months for everything to fall into place.


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Two Months Post Op Breast Lift?

It is not at all uncommon to have aches and pains at this stage, all the moreso in light of delayed wound healing. Seeing you surgeon makes sense, but it is unlikely that any explanation will be found. These pretty much all get better over the ensuing months. 

Thanks for your question, best wishes. 

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Stinging pain during wound healing

The sensations your a describing sound like the pain is coming from a nerve.  Sometime a little bit of scar tissue can develop around a healing wound and entrap a nerve. This causes these stinging pains you are describing. Massaging the area and beginning an ibuprofen regimen is the best way to help this go away.    I hope this helps you

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Pulling sensation in area where breast lift wound healed

These symptoms are not unusual under the circumstances you describe.  Sometimes massage can help, but check with your surgeon first.  Healing is a dynamic process that goes on for at least 6 months, sometimes considerably longer.  If the scar is thickening, some form of pressure such a silastic sheeting might help.  Best of luck.

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