I Had Two Moles Removed Today on my Face by Shave Excision. Doc Give Me Antibiotics to Prevent Infection? (photo)

should I cover my scar or leave it open? my Doc told me to leave it open and keep it moist with polysporin. Is there anything else I should know and am I doing everything right? by looking at my pictures please tell me your opinion.

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Care for a shave excision site

After a shave excision of a mole, I advise my patients to keep the area clean by gently washing twice daily with soap and water and then applying either plain petroleum jelly or Aquaphor Healing Ointment. Band aids are optional after the first day. Application of an antibiotic ointment is NOT recommended. Makeup can be used anytime after the first day. I never give patients oral antibiotics to "prevent" infection.

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Post care for shave mole excision

First, it is always best to follow the advice of your physician since that is the person caring for you, who is treating you in person. I can say that I advise people to keep any areas clean with 1/2 water and 1/2 hydrogen peroxide, and to remove any scabbing or crusty blood that forms. Then when you apply the polysporin it keeps the site moist, allowing new skin to form over that, disallowing for divets to form. When we let sites scab up and the skin forms under the scab, it leaves behind divets, so this is what you want to avoid. I don't have people put on bandaids unless it helps you keep the polysporin on, or you want to. But again, I stress that it's good your physician gave you post-care advice and you should follow the advice of the person who is treating you.

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