I Have Had Two Moles Removed by Circular Incision on Face, Help I Don't Like the Result?

My PS told me this was done on purpose to help ensure short scars, however now I have four whitish hard lumps on either side of where the moles were. Two at each site of removal. I believe these to be dog ears and my PS has said that they should flatten in time. They are hard and I do keep massaging but I am noticing very little difference. PS said may need revision if not gone after 4 months but I am terrified to risk a scar worse than the lumps or indeed the original moles? Advice please?

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Scars after mole removal not healing well

For those who don't know... Dog ears are bulging redundancies of tissue that are produced when you close a more circular defect (in comparison to closure of an eliptical defect).

From your description they may be dog ears, also known as tricones, and frequently, these will settle down over time (i.e. several months). Usually, small dog ears or dog ears over firm areas (e.g. forehead or scalp) or dog ears on the trunk or extremities will flatten out. Dog ears on the cheek, lips, nose eyelids don't flatten out so much. So you could follow up with the plastic surgeon who performed the surgeries. Another option would be to get a second opinion from another plastic surgeon or perhaps a fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon. I mention ACMS Mohs surgeons because they generally perform a lot of reconstruction on the face and can give you a good idea about those dog ears or options to improve them. In any case pick a doctor who has a great deal of experience in facial surgery and repair. Good luck

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