I Had Two Lipo Surgeries Within Two Months of Each Other is This Normal?

I had upper and lower abdomen lipsuction performed on 4/20. After developing a seroma on my left side and it being drained several times, I realized the left side was not healing like the other. A month after the procedure, it looked like I had fat left in 3 places with some serious creases. Not liking the way the left side healed, my dr decided to perform a minor lipo procedure just on that area on 6/11 Although it is not fully healed, it still doesn't look right and my dr says its scar tissu

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Liposuction and revision

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In terms of revisions after liposuction, I usually wait at least 3-4 months for things to settle down. It could require longer time between the two if there is continued firmness or swelling.

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