Two Front Teeth Implants and the Papilla?

I have an implant in my upper front tooth next to the papilla and need another implant on the other side of the papilla, can this be done and what can I expect will happen to my papilla after the second implant?

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Dental Implants For Missing Front Teeth

Since you have stated that you have a natural papilla present, there should not be any issue maintaining it at its present state as long as there in no significant bone loss on the natural tooth that requires removal. Since the soft tissue will follow the underlying bone, this is important to preserve.  Just make sure you seek the consultation of a board certified oral and Maxillofacial surgeon to determine if any bone grafting or soft tissue grafting will be necessary to ensure an esthetic outcome

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Implants and Papilla

A qualified surgeon or periodontist, and an experienced Restorative dentist will be able to predict, in advance, the odds of the papilla maintaining itself, depending on the amount of bvone and the distance from the bone height to the height of the contact point between the 2 teeth.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
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Papillas and implant

If handled by a qualified surgeon and you already stated that you have an existing papilla we should be able to maintain that papilla through both surgical and restorative methods. 

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