Two front teeth are crowned (separately) and both also have root canals. One has decay under the crown?

My two front teeth had root canals done at the age of 16. I fell when I was 8 and my two front teeth broke my fall. When I was 13, I woke up one morning and the right side of my face was swollen. Bacteria infected my roots and I was referred to the Endodontic Specialist. He packed some kind of medicine in my roots every 3 months for 2 1/2 years then did the root canals. I had them crowned January 2010. Now I think one of them has decay under the crown. What are my options?

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Decay under a crown...what should I do?

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If you have decay, then it must be removed and the restored properly or else you will eventually break the tooth or and/or have to have it extracted.  Generally all your dentist will have to do is remove the old crown, remove the decay and make you a new crown.
However, you ask what are your options?  If the tooth underneath the crown has excessive decay then you might need to have the tooth extracted and the area replaced with a fixed bridge, implant or removable partial denture.  Most likely this will not be the case, so just get in to see your dentist and get the new crown you need and stop the decay from destroying the remaining tooth!

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Crown Replacement For Front Tooth

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If you have recurrent decay under your existing crown, then you should see your dentist and have the crown replaced.  It will take two appointments to compete, then the tooth should be fine.  

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