Two Concerns with Eye Lid Surgery-36 Days After Surgery? (photo)

It being said eye pictures are vague, be clear here. Asian, had about 2mm high eye lids (getting narrower outward.) asked a possible way to get parallel (even) or wider. Now have 10 mm eye lid. 1. 10mm is ideal for all human-being? 2. My original eye lids are still folded. New eyelids, half folded and half outward only show incision. Why this way? Due to mismatch between incision and folding muscle ? What might be expected after 3 months and 6 month from now on?

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I strongly recommend you seek second opinions.



 You now have posted on Realself about 26 times concerning your surgery.  Please recognize that as erudite as the surgeons are on this forum, this is not a substitute for actual care.  I do not think you are ready for revisional surgery.  Perhaps you will not need it.  But I do know you need a relationship with a surgeon who can follow you and guide you through this processes.  You may be clinically depressed from making a bad choice (surgery in Mexico?).  Working with a psychotherapist can be very valuable in helping you make sense of your feelings.  I wish the answer was here on Realself but I think you really need to get care that only comes from working with an experienced surgeon.  You are welcome to PM and indicate where you live, I can make some recommendations for surgeons in your area to consult.

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