I Have Two Chipped Teeth That Are Just Barely Chipped. What Can I Do?

Im going to be 16 in a few Weeks and cosmetically, the chipped teeth bother me. They don't hurt and aren't a concern to my health but the top right front tooth is chipped bottom left, and one of the four front bottom teeth is chipped and I hate how the looked, chipped in the corners. I still have braces is there anything I can ask my dentist/ortho to do? After I get my braces off ive also been on whitening with whitening strips but if I get the chips bonded will they not whiten like normal teeth..? Help!

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Bonding for now

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Hello, without any pictures it is hard to give a diagnose, but first of all finish your braces treatment, after your are done and the braces are removed then you can go ahead to get aesthetic dental work, bonding or veneers could be a good option. But I do not recommend doing anything until you finish your treatment.

Fixing chips in my teeth

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The easiest an least invasive procedure would be to bond the chips to restore the teeth to their original shape.   Very easy and affordable. 

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Chips are fun in cookies but not on your front teeth.

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The cosmetic concern about the chips on the corners of your front teeth can be easily bonded or recontoured depending on the size and shape of your teeth. While it would be best for you to have the orthodontic appliances removed, if the corners are accessible to be bonded with the appliances on, they can be treated. Often the incisal edges or corners of these teeth get bonded with a lighter and/or more translucent shade of composite bonding material so if you whiten at a later time, it will not be very divergent in shade. One piece of advice is to 'go easy' on the whitening strips, they can make your enamel more porous and prone to chipping too. 

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