Twisted Nose Tip, Septal Deviation? (photo)

I was diagnosed with a severe septum deviation, and my nose looks crooked to the left... the left side of my nose looks different from the right side. I would like to know if rhinoplasty is needed (i'll have a septoplasty). Thanks.

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Crooked deviated septum

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A deviated septum diagnosis can only be made upon examination of the inside of the nose.  Most noses this crooked do have a deviated septum  In addition, a rhinoplasty will straighten out the nasal bones and a spreader graft would build up the concave patient's left side. This can all be done with closed rhinoplasty techniques, not open.  For examples similar to your nose, please see our rhinoplasty photo gallery

Twisted nose repair

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Your deviated nose and crooked septum could be improved with a septo-rhinoplasty. This would likely address any nasal blockage symptoms that you may be having as well.

A septoplasty alone may not fully correct the external deviation that you're seeing.

Check out my web reference link below to read more about crooked nose repair.

The crooked nose can be made better

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it appears that reconstructive septorhinoplasty would be most helpful, because it gives the surgeon to best address the problem.  You may benefit, not only from osteotomies to straighten the nose, but allows for often needed grafts.

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