Permanently Twisted Nose or Is It Just Swelling 2 Weeks PO? (photo)

I'm a little over two weeks past rhinoplasty, but I'm worried that the indentation from the cast on the upper third of my nose and the sideways pointing appearance on my nose is going to be permanent. Is this just swelling and it will fill out and look straight? Or, is there a problem with the bones/osteotemies done to bring in the nasal bones and I'm going to need this fixed again? It hasn't seemed to get any better over a week after getting the cast off.

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Twisted Nose after Rhinoplasty

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Post operative deformities have little meaning this early during the healing process. Be open with your surgeon about your concerns and be patient. Often your surgeon may have you do some nasal exercises during the healing period to help guide the nose into the proper position and alleviate minor irregularities. It is too early to tell if you will need any further interventions. I hope this helps. Take care.

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