Implant rejection and expanders? (Photos)

I have gone through h*ll to many surgerys to count. One lost nipple one popped implant and replacement then complete loss of the implant so im left with one implant and a hole on the other side with a wound vac. The Dr said when im healed on that one side he was gonna put expanders in both sides by removing my implant and putting expander in. Should he fill the breast that had an implant full and slowly fill the flat one?

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Complications After Breast Surgery

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Sorry to hear you have had such a difficult time with your breast surgery. The next step can only be determined after a complete history and exam. Consider getting a second opinion from an experienced board certified plastic surgeon. This surgeon will want copies of your medical records and pre-operative photographs to help decide on the best treatment plan. I hope you eventually get a satisfactory result. 

Tissue expander

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It sounds like you have had a very challenging complication.  Unfortunately is not possible to provide meaningful advice on the next stages of your care based on the information and photos provided. I hope your surgeon is able to heal your wounds and restore your shape.

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