Removal of Hairy Mole From Cheek - Post-op Expectations / Scarring?

I have a twenty cents sized pigmented hairy mole on my side cheek (congenital nevi)and would like to have it removed as it has been affected my life for over 10 years. I would like to ask what is the right procedure to do that? What are the risks that I should expect during surgery and post surgery ie. bleeding, soreness? How does it takes to recover from the surgery? What is the expected scar will be like? Able to remove the scar completely? I have grinding teeth problems at night - will this affect the scar size?

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Mole Removal

When a mole is removed the patient will be left with a scar in it's place. A well trained board certified facial plastic surgeon or plastic surgeon is skilled in techniques to minimize the appearance of scars.. The scar will fade over a few months and be less noticeable that your mole. Teeth grinding should not have an effect out your outcome.

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Expectations following hairy mole removal:

The procedure to remove the mole is excision and suture. Bleeding and pain is minimal. The wound heals in 1 week and the scar fades over months. The scar will be a little longer than the mole, but it will be less noticeable than the mole. Teeth grinding will have no effect.

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Surgical excision by a skilled facial surgeon is the way to go.

Your procedure could likely be done with a local anesthetic in a few minutes. You will end up trading the large mole for a fine line (scar). It is realistic to expect the scar to fade a fair amount over the first year, but not disappear.

Pain might be enough to take a prescription medication for a couple of days. Bleeding really should not be much of a concern, especially if you are not taking any blood-thinning medications such as aspirin or ibuprofen. With respect to grinding your teeth.... that ought not to have any effect on your healing.

Best of luck in your search.

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