What meds or creams can I use with hydroquinone to treat melasma, sun damage and acne scars?

The pigmentation is symetrical so i thimk its melasma but the pigmention above whers it is dark is drastically lighter. It almost looks as tho the darker pugment is the one that matches my skintone and the lighter is whats wrong please help the light skin doesnt seem to get any color either lso if I could kill 2 birds w one stone I have post a new scars and sun damage as well. Thanks

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Help with pigmentation and acne scars

A face-to-face exam is needed for complex scar and pigmentation problems because photos rarely show how they really are. I have had excellent results with the Obagi Nuderm line or variants of it which combined glycolics, hydroquinone and tretinoin. It takes time and patience to get a good result but people who stick with the program are truly happy. It improves melasma, acne scars and sun damage. Best wishes.

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