Small Scar treatment. Any suggestions? (photos)

I was told to use retin-a on the scar I have rather than have fractional co2 laser treatment. The scar isn't big and what bothers me is just a smaller ( 0.5 cm/0.5 cm) darker part of it. Can retain-a peel pigment off and smoothen the surface or should I insist on co2 for the darker spot anyway? Thank you

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Retin-a for scars

Thanks for your question!  Both retin-a and lasers can be helpful for scar improvement, sometimes we do a combination at our practice.  You might want to talk to your dermatologist about pre- and post- laser treatment with retin-a, which helps to peel the skin in a microscopic manner, and you can continue to use it after laser treatment if you think more improvement is needed.  There are many types of lasers, so see a dermatologist that is familiar with lasers and uses a variety of types.  They will be able to recommend the most useful regimen.  Best of luck!

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