I'm 6 months pre op should I get a second opinion for revision? (Photos)

Will a revision and putting in 325 on right breast fix asymmetry?Before surgery I had a bit of asymmetry that I was concerned about i was 32aa but my Dr said it wasn't enough to put different sized implants in, so he put 300 high profile on each side. my Dr is saying this is my final result and that's my autonomy but I think my breasts could be more even

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Second Opinion?

You indicated that you had a small degree of asymmetry before surgery. It is hard to know what you mean by small, but now you have a very large degree of asymmetry and it is much more than 25cc. If your breasts were only slightly asymmetric before surgery, and if you have the same size implants, then I would be concerned that something else is going on here.

One thing that is notable from your photos is that your left breast is much more full in the lower pole while your right breast seems to have more fullness in the upper pole. This would suggest that at least part of the problem has to do with implant malposition, and your right implant is somewhat high which contributes to the appearance of asymmetry. This would be confirmed by the fact that your photo from below shows that your incision is directly in the crease on your right side while it is located somewhat further out on the lower breast on your left side. Still, I don't think the position issue is enough to account for the degree of asymmetry that is evident. Another consideration might be that you have developed a collection of fluid or seroma around the implant on your left side. Did the asymmetry seem to increase over time or did you have excessive bruising on your left side?

Modest degrees of asymmetry are completely normal, but your situation is not subtle. If your surgeon refuses to recognize this, then you should certainly consider getting a second opinion. It is very dismaying to patients when their surgeon will not acknowledge such an obvious problem and it only results in the patient loosing faith in that doctor.

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I'm 6 months pre op should I get a second opinion for revision?

I'm sorry to hear of your problem. Any plastic surgeon that created this look and tells a patient it is the best he can do should find another line of work. See a surgeon who cares and is skilled and you can have a dramatic improvement. When you do see the next surgeon be sure to have copies of your preop photos and also your operative report. 

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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Asymmetry after breast augmentation

your breast shape looks nice, but I agree that you have fairly significant asymmetry between your right and left side. While I think you are a candidate for a larger implant on the right, I do not think 25cc will even it out. It is difficult to judge without seeing you in person, but my guess looking at the photo is that there is at least a 100cc discrepancy between your breasts. It would be good to see a board certified plastic surgeon for a second opinion and try out extra implants or photo imaging to measure what it would take to get you more even. 

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Moderate breast asymmetry

You are demonstrating moderate breast asymmetry which is either a results of poor operative planning based on severity of your asymmetry (you need to show photos) or potentially resulting from side effects of surgery (seroma on left side); your current asymmetry is too drastic to ignore. I would recommend a imaging to rule out seroma of the left breast if your asymmetry preoperatively was subtle.

Arian Mowlavi, MD, FACS
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You can do better

To be fair you should also provide us with pre surgery photos and also profile photos of both pre and post surgery.  However, the amount of asymmetry you have is very obvious and you should correct it.  I don't think just using a larger implant would correct your asymmetry problem, as you right breast looks a lot higher and I think (need to see profile photos) your implant is mis placed or your left breast fold may need to be elevated.  Also, using a 25cc larger implant for the right side will only improve on the size asymmetry minimally; you need a larger then 25cc implant.  Get second opinions if your doctor is not willing to listen.

Andre Aboolian, MD
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Asymmetry after augmentation

I agree with my colleagues that the shape of your augmented breasts is acceptable but there is a significant degree of size difference that an additional 25cc would not be sufficient to correct. Without seeing you in person and examining you, it is difficult to say how much a change you would need. You should first decide whether you like your right breast or your left breast more. That will determine whether to add more to the right or place a smaller implant on the left. Either way you should seek a second opinion from a board-certified plastic surgeon and bring your warranty card from the implant manufacturer. I hope this helps. - Dr. Mills

Dan Mills, MD
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Asymmetry after breast augmentation

Thank you for your question and photos.  You definitely have a significant asymmetry between the two breasts.  It appears to be quite a bit more than 25cc or so.  You can definitely have an improvement in this and it would require a revision surgery.  Your surgeon would likely use sizers to determine what is the best implant to provide a close match.  

Best of luck.

Brian C. Reuben, MD
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Asymmetric Breasts


Your apparent size difference is mostly due to malposition of one of your implants, and not due to your anatomy.  (The relative positions of your inframammary incisions tell the story of what happened after your surgery.)  If this is what your surgeon said, then you should look elsewhere. He either really believes what he told you, making him incompetent, or he intentionally gave you misinformation, making him dishonest. Please visit a few ABPS certified/ASAPS member surgeons who specialize in revision breast surgery. Best of luck!

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
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I'm 6 months pre op should I get a second opinion for revision?

The mystery here is that you say you had only a "bit" of asymmetry, but the degree of asymmetry shown in your photos is very significant. So much so that if you had saline implants I would wonder if one deflated! If the same size 300cc implants were indeed placed, and you had only very minor asymmetry before surgery, then I would wonder if you had some large fluid collection (ie: seroma) in the left breast. Were your breasts this different from the very beginning when your dressings were first removed, or did the left breast "grow" sometime later? If your pre-op asymmetry was instead very significant, then I assume you would have noted this, and the surgeon would have seen this degree of asymmetry on the table and chosen to place different sized implants (unless he ordered implants just for your surgery and does not keep them on consignment, and had no choice what implants to use!). In any event, you should get another opinion, and go with your op report, implant information, and preoperative photos in hand (all of these are in your surgical chart and they belong to you).

Robert M. Grenley, MD
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I'm 6 months pre op should I get a second opinion for revision?

I am not sure what you looked like before surgery but it seems that you were off by a significant amount before surgery. I would say this is not your final result and you for sure could have a larger implant placed on the right or a smaller one on the left. The pictures are often hard to tell and do not always do justice to your actually situation, but I would say you for sure should seek a second opinion of you feel you are not getting the answers you want from the other surgeon. You will likely need a much larger implant no the right I would guess 100cc's or more, but again it is hard to tell without seeing you. Stick to your guns and go with your gut and get this fixed. 



Richard J. Brown, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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