Infini RF temperature?

Is it in the hands of the operator to make sure infini RF uses temperature that doesn't denature collagen or Lutronic sets safe temperature limits that can't be overdone? Is 3.5 mm safe for everyone on body (thighs/arms/ab) or it's up to the operator to determine the needle length ? Can operator's inadequate training do harm to infinity RF receipient ?

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The best results with collagen tightening and remodeling come with temperatures in the 65C or higher range. This is when coagulation occurs. Infini reaches these levels with all it pulses. Denaturing of the collagen happens at 42-45C and will stimulate collagen to a lesser degree. This is why the needle RF is better because it can get to the higher temperatures and give more collagen vs the non penetrating RF devices which are limited to only denaturing because of the risk of epidermal burn and scarring. 3.5 mm is too deep for all skin and the depth should be limited to the dermis in most cases (at most 2.5). The deeper depths are used only for fat treatment in the submental and jawline area. If not done properly, Infini is capable of dermal injury. The Infini is safe for use on skin of the extremities but it's use is limited because of its small footplate. It can correct skin laxity, but major lifting is not possible. It certainly has no role in buttocks treatment. Arm and thigh tightening might be better achieved with other RF devices such as Thermi or Exilis.

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