Turning 60 Suddenly Undereye Crepiness and Darkness in NV- Is It The Climate or Something Else?

I live in Chicago. I am turning 6-OMG in April and since I have been in NV I have noticed when I smile much crepiness under the eyes plus dark pigmnetation under them.I had Restylane and Juvederm before we came here it seems to be losing it's strength. I had blepharoplasty 10 yrs ago too much fat was taken out I would like to address the entire face but if I can get the eyes fixed what suggestions are available? Finally I will be in Chicago in 4 weeks could this be just NV on my skin?

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Lower Eyelid Rejuvenation with Skin Resurfacing and Fat Injections

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Wuth time and age, everyone will develop loose and creepy skin after a blepharoplasty.  With fat previously removed, the dark circles may be a reflection of the loss of fat volume under the eyes. I doubt that any of this is the result of climate.  Possible treatment considerations include lower eyelid skin resurfacing, either through chemical peels or laser resurfacing, and fat injections for volume restoration of the lower eyelids. Both can be safely done at the same time.

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