I Just Turned 65, I'm in Good Shape and Never Overweight, How Do I Get Rid of Loose Skin?

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Treatment Options for Loose Skin

Loose skin on the face is generally the result of either skin laxity or volume loss.  Treatment of skin laxity can be addressed surgically with a lifting procedure (facelift, browlift), with laser resurfacing or with Ultherapy.  Volume loss is best treated with fillers or fat grafting.

Lots of choices; which one is best?  This is where going to a board certified facial plastic or general plastic surgeon is important.  Since they can offer all of the different options, they are likely to give you the best one for you.  Going to someone that only does laser or filler will almost certainly lead to a recommendation for laser or filler.  This is the old, 'if all you have is a hammer, the entire world looks like a nail' problem.

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