I Have Just Turned 17 and Have a Cross Bite, and Front Teeth Gap. Been Recommended Braces Should I? (photo)

I have been recommend them since I was 15 , but were told they were not 100% nessacerary. My teeth are straight but The crossbite ( pro dominantly on my left side ) is noticably uncomfortable when I clench my teeth. They will only be on the top teeth Where I have a large noticable gap in my front teeth. The cost is not a factor but is 17 too late? And is feeling uncomfortable when I bite a good reason to get them ?

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Correction of Crossbite and Orthodontic Treatment

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There are a few separate issues that appear to need correction from the photo (there may be others, but a full assessment by an orthodontist would be needed).  

The closure of the space between the top front two teeth is not a problem and can be done at any age.  There are also spaces between the lower front teeth which can also be closed.  

The crossbite you have on your left side, should ideally be corrected.  This can lead to uneven wearing of your teeth, or problems with your jaw joint down the road.  The uncomfortable feeling you have when biting is certainly a good reason to have it fixed.  It would have been easier to correct this crossbite when you were younger.  However, I do certainly suggest seeking the advise of an Orthodontist to get all the information regarding the specifics of your treatment. 

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