Can moving and dancing or facial expressions ruin my rhinoplasty results?

Hello , I did my rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago and almost 4 weeks and in some days in the 2-3 weeks i start dancing lightly but not too much just 1-2 minutes and the past two days I've danced and moved a lot + the facial expressions such as yawning and laughing.etc can ruin my results? I'm very worried about that :(

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Recovering from rhinoplasty: starting normal activities and moving your face.

Recovering from rhinoplasty is a healing process. Your surgeon will give you instructions on what you can and cannot do. I ask my patients to hold off on strenuous exercise (anything more than walking) for 4-6 weeks. Normal activity, moving your face with different expressions is fine. If there is any concern, I would recommend that you return to your surgeon so they may evaluate your nose. Safety comes first. 

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