Classic moderate subfascial 275 cc silicone gel, too wide with inner cleavage rippling problems, what are my options?

I had breast implants a year ago, sub fascial 275cc mentor silicone gel with classic moderate profile.. the width of my silicones are too wide for my frame looks too big to me and they're too close each other,also i've rippling problem in my cleavage area in my left breast.Do i need to change? not for the projection but i'm not happy with width of my breasts.. what kind of options do i have to correct rippling? Also Can i go to smaller size with narrow base without having general anastesia?

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Concern With Breast Width

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Thank you for your question. Photos would be helpful. Secondary surgery to have a smaller size of implant inserted should be an option after one year but you will need to meet with your Plastic Surgeon in person for a proper assessment.

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You can improve your results with secondary breast surgery.  Going to a smaller narrower based implant will help with size and implant position.  Changing to sub muscular pocket will help reduce wrinkling but may require specialized procedure to prevent the breast implant from flipping back into your old breast pocket.  The other option is to place a smaller "Inspira" type breast implant with some type of pocket modification and fat grafting.

Go and see your surgeon for possibilities.

Best Wishes,

nana Mizuguchi, MD

Nana N. Mizuguchi, MD, FACS
Louisville Plastic Surgeon
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Correct breasts that are too wide with inner cleavage rippling

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Thank you for your question. A photo would be helpful, but you give a pretty good description of the problem. It sounds as if your implants are a bit too close to the midline (synmastia) and perhaps too wide for your breast base diameter. I think the best option would be to remove your current implants, create a new sub pectoral pocket and insert a narrower diameter implant (moderate plus or high profile device). That should address all of your concerns. This is something that is typically done under general anesthesia. 

Neal Handel, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Implant exchange

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Thanks for your question:

  1. In regards to the width of the implant - that can really only be adjusted by changing the implant out for a narrower base width implant or adjusting the pocket. 
  2. In regards to the rippling - that can be improved by switching to a submuscular position instead of subfascial or with such things as fat grafting over the implant (which will also add volume to that breast) or placing an dermal matrix as an extra layer of coverage over the implant. All of which would require another operation 
  3. With another of these operations I would recommend a general anesthetic. In my experience it will be the most comfortable for you (especially if going submuscular). Some surgeons do use TIVA (a type of IV sedation without going fully asleep). 
  4. What you are describing you might be happier switching the plane of the implant and going with a more narrow implant. Always best to check with your original surgeon. 

I hope this was helpful for you. 

Surjit S. Rai, MD

Surjit S. Rai, MD
Dallas Physician
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