Trasnconjunctival bleharoplasty: Stiches should be inside, but are poking through thin skin

Hi i had trasnconjunctival blepharoplasty surgery done 4 weeks ago, i still have a bit of swelling. My problem is while the stiches are meant to be inside of my eyelid i had 2 stiches on the outside, my doctor said my skin was thin and cut through. I have a scar under my eyelash which is visible. I had done of alot of investigating about this procedure but did not come across with anything that had happened to me. What should i do pleaseee

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See your surgeon.

You story sound a little unusual.  I can't recall ever performing a tranconjunctival blepharoplasty and cutting through the skin.  It is hard to envision what your surgeon must have done for this to have happened.  Makes no sense.  Please have your sutures removed.  Heal from this surgery and consider finding a new surgeon for future surgical needs.

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